With a confirmed 372,563 cases worldwide, it’s easy to feel helpless or non-motivated. If you’re one of the many that are working from home, you’ll want to break up your day to prevent monotony.

Set a routine

If your workspace is also your living room or bedroom, you may get his with ‘cabin fever’ so it’s best to write out a plan for the week. Whether it’s waking up a half hour earlier or scheduling your meals and workouts, you’ll gain a stronger sense of control.

Stay healthy

with a lockdown in place, it’s hard to go grocery shopping and deal with lines and lack of inventory so a shopping list and some planning ahead can keep you efficient and stocked.


It seems like we’re all itching to leave the house, especially when we’re told not to. A simple 15 minute walk can help break up your day, increase serotonin, and separate you from work for a bit.


Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and build a great sense of self-awareness. Use it to refresh your mentality and clean out the doubt and anxiety you may be feeling during this time.


With the extra downtime, why not pursue a new hobby or blog? You can take advantage of the quarantine and lack of social events to buckle down and work on something new.